What is the ELMO Employee Sentiment Index?

The ELMO Employee Sentiment Index (ESI) is a quarterly poll that tracks changing trends and attitudes within the employment landscape.

It has become an established resource of worker attitudes in Australia and New Zealand. This year, *ELMO carried out research for the UK workforce.

Diving into the stats: 5 key insights

The ESI survey highlighted how 45% of UK workers have felt ‘burnout’ over the last 3 months. This overarching theme brings to light other employee insights including:

1. Worker wellbeing

Feelings of ‘burnout’ are highest in Northern Ireland:

Northern Ireland (61%)
Wales (57%)
Scotland (49%)
England (42%)

  • A third (33%) felt overwhelmed by their workload
  • Only 29% have taken sick days

2. Concerns over career aspirations

The push for increased salary expectations is highest among younger workers:

Gen Z (18-24) 66%
Millennials (25-39) 62%
Gen X (40-59) 43%
Baby Boomers (60+) 19%

  • 49% seek better-paying roles due to economy changes
  • Half of workers are happy with their current pay but expect a salary increase

3. Future of work practices: Automated technology

Most workers (63%) view technology as beneficial to their role rather than a threat

  • 75% do not feel a threat from off-shoring/outsourcing
  • 73% do not feel a threat from automation

4. Workforce disruption

A third (34%) don’t expect to stay with their company beyond 18 months

  • 50% are Gen Z (18-24) employees
  • 28% are considering a career change
  • 1 in 5 say they would leave their current job without another job opportunity

5. Motivational drivers: what are employees looking for?

1. Remuneration and bonus payments/incentives (22%)
2. Flexible/remote working (19%)
3. Organisation stability (13%)
4. Easy/shorter commute (11%)
5. Career development opportunities (8%)

*The survey was conducted by Lonergan Research and commissioned by ELMO Software. More than 1,000 UK workers were surveyed between March 11-17th, 2022.

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Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.