Why Choose ELMO HR Software?

HR teams result in 40% more errors, when not using an automated process.

This is typically because day-to-day workload is managed through paper-based, manual spreadsheets.

Important HR tasks such as managing employee salary, worker benefits, and onboarding can often lead to increased human error. As a result, this leads to lack of visibility, manual entry and minimised control.

How can a digital process change this?

A cloud-based solution like ELMO can automate all key HR processes. It helps businesses to attract, engage and retain talent whilst making sure time and cost is measured effectively.

Here are 4 reasons why digital HR software will benefit your business:

Four Benefits of using ELMO HR Software

ELMO offers an array of features that help businesses to automate their processes, these include:

A Modular Approach

With the ELMO system there are no set modules you have to buy – just choose the ones that you need.

As your business continues to expand ELMO will grow alongside you. If the time comes when you require additional modules you can add the necessary modules onto your plan.

For example, if you start with the Performance Management module, you may identify that ELMO’s Rewards & Recognition module will work alongside your current plan.

Choose modules that go hand in hand or just simply pick any modules that meet your needs.


All modules are under one roof in one complete central system. Save your people’s time by keeping modules in one place rather than having many different systems for the different modules.


You will be working with a team of up to 20 years of experience providing an award winning HRIS on a global level.

Access a great support team who will work alongside your admin users to get them trained up on how the system works. The team will also help during the implementation process; working closely with admins to deal with any issues they may face.


During the implementation process, you have the ability to create multiple admin accounts giving a wider range of users access to the system from day one. This also allows you to assign different responsibilities to each admin, to maximise the full use of the site.

What results can you expect to see with a digital process?

Switching to an automated process provides a greater advantage to your business. Some examples include: less paper waste, increased productivity, and availability to connect new starters remotely and in the office.

An automated process allows HR teams to decrease the level of paperwork that a manual process entails. Ultimately, this will increase productivity of the HR team as well as the rest of the workforce; putting focus back into other areas such as business and HR strategy.

In a modern work environment, a SaaS (software as a service) system can be used to integrate more effectively with employees working from home.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.