ELMO software joins partner Talos360 in a series of webinars titled “Employer Brand Journey”.

Talos360 provides Intelligent Talent Technology giving organisations the confidence to attract, engage, and retain the best teams. ELMO software compliments Talos by allowing businesses to manage their people, process and pay once a new starter joins the business.

When teaming Talos360 and ELMO together, businesses can improve employee retention by effectively managing the initial stages of recruitment all the way through to training and development.

The series delves into three key subtopics that will explain why and how a business can grow its employer brand across social media and career sites. They are:

The latest webinar in the series is developing and growing your employees.

ELMO Sales Manager, Neil Curry, presented alongside Rob Hoyle and Tim Clifford from Talos360.

The team highlight the importance of developing your employees’ skillset throughout their employment. Not just in the initial stages of recruitment. 

This is where your Learning and Development (L&D) strategy comes in. L&D allows businesses to attract and retain new talent but also motivate and engage existing employees.

Utilising L&D gives workers the opportunity to develop skills beyond what they already know and see a long-term future with their employer.

It also has a positive impact on the business. Not only will businesses see their employee retention increase, but it has resulted in 24% of organisations seeing higher profit margins.

Having a strong induction plan was also shared as a key indicator for maintaining employee retention. For example, 46% of new-hires fail within 18 months of joining the organisation.

Why might this be? Neil explained that it comes down to a few things. A couple of examples include:

  • Joining a business with a heavily manual process; spending lots of time filling out paperwork
  • Experiencing an unstructured probation review with lack of constructive feedback or sense of direction.

Want to dig deeper? Watch the full webinar here and sign up to retaining your talent to complete the series.

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.