The war for jobs & talent

Forget the ‘war for jobs’. The power has changed hands, and employers must brace, once again, for a ‘war for talent’.

The latter stages of 2021 have led to an increase in people looking for employment. Job seekers now have the front foot, meaning that employers have to be on their toes when it comes to acquiring new talent.

The talent acquisition strategies conveyed by businesses may require a drastic change and rethink. With market trends and consumer demand not being the same as they once were, it does suggest that businesses have to go back to the drawing board to ensure that the strategies they put forward are not only fit for today but also for the future as well.

If organisations want to win this new modern approach to talent acquisition, they will have to lead themselves through the new intricate model that lays ahead.

In order to prioritise the employer brand, the ‘total talent management’ solution is embraced to tackle the lack of talent as well as broadening the definition of talent.

Defining total talent management

Total talent management, a definition according to James Hick, managing director of  ManpowerGroup UK:

“When permanent and non-permanent workforces are no longer managed
separately, employers can focus on attracting, engaging and retaining the right
person with the right skills. Regardless of how they need to be employed.”

Total talent management encourages HR and talent acquisition teams to take a critical look at
their existing processes.

Adopting a total talent management approach may seem radical or even impossible. However, it does contain some lessons all employers can learn.

The crux of total talent management is ensuring better alignment between the needs and wants of candidates and workers with the talent needs of the organisation, which means evolving with – and not resisting – the new era of work.

This whitepaper will discuss:
• Current and evolving employer / employee sentiment
• Common talent acquisition challenges
• The disconnect between employer / employee expectations
• Total talent management: benefits and components

Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.
Learn more about how ELMO can help your organisation.