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ELMO COVIDsecure software enables employers to automate record keeping of COVID-19 testing and vaccination status. Track your entire workforce or target areas such as location, department or even role. It provides HR and leadership with a powerful dashboard real-time view of critical information to assist with COVID-19 risk management.


Monitor Vaccination Status

Enable employees to easily submit vaccination certificates and COVID-19 test results


COVIDsecure Template Library

Access a library of COVID-19 HR digital form templates which can be easily deployed to your employees


Manage COVID-19 Risks

Use the dashboard with real-time visualisations of key metrics to encourage proactive risk mitigation

Key Benefits

  • Customise COVID-19 HR policies to suit your organisation’s needs. Quick deployment capabilities and in-built acknowledgement tracking
  • Capture vaccine or test status for all employees or just targeted business areas as well as automate compliance monitoring workflows
  • Easy access for administrators to a powerful dashboard that provides key metrics in real-time to help with the risks around COVID-19


Track Vaccination & Test Status

Track Vaccination & Test Status

Enable employees to submit details of their COVID-19 vaccination status and test results

Compliance policy rules for targeted assignment and time-based expiry
Manage Risk & Compliance

Manage Risk & Compliance

Access ready-to-use COVID-19 HR policy templates

File upload functionality to enable compliance verification checks

Strict access controls for sensitive data management
Dashboards & Alerts

Dashboards & Alerts

Real-time COVID-19 dashboard to improve visibility of key risk metrics

Configurable approvals

Configurable notifications and email alerts
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