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Hybrid Work

Safely Transition Back to Work and Embed New Hybrid Ways of Working
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The COVID-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed the way we work, forcing many organisations to adapt to remote working and become increasingly reliant on digital work tools. For those organisations adapting to this “new normal”, ELMO Hybrid Work provides tools to manage capacity restrictions (including sq. metre requirements to keep employees safe) and make scheduling easy for teams across the organisation.


Enhanced Office Capacity Management

Establish daily capacity limits by work area or team location to manage available office capacity


Easy Scheduling with Self-Service Functionality

Remove the logistical challenges of hybrid work by empowering employees with self-service tools


Improved Visibility and Planning Capabilities

See at a glance who’s in the office, understand available capacity limits, and monitor work trends

Key Benefits

  • Define and implement your hybrid work policy, including establishing guidelines for office days and providing a noticeboard for communication of policy updates.
  • Identify who’s in the office, and track available capacity by location, popular days, and other key metrics to assist with capacity management and planning.
  • Employees can also define preferences (daily work / office days) and apply in bulk to streamline the scheduling process.


Capacity Limit Management

Capacity Limit Management

Configurable locations / work areas

Set daily capacity limits

Noticeboard for policy updates
Self-Service Bookings

Self-Service Bookings

Calendar view for employee / manager bookings

Visibility of peers (by team / location)

Employees can set preferences for days in the office
Dashboards & Scheduling

Dashboards & Scheduling

Bulk scheduling to plan work weeks in advance

Real-time reporting dashboard to understand available capacity and monitor trends
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