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Reward and recognise employees
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Build a secure culture of recognition and pride throughout your organisation with ELMO Rewards & Recognition. Increase employee engagement and decrease turnover using peer to peer recognition, social features, integrated rewards and gamification. Employee rewards and recognition software fully integrates with the entire ELMO cloud HR suite.


Peer to Peer Recognition

Employees can recognise peers with recommendations and configurable badges



Mark achievements or celebrations for employees with trophies



Allow employee nominations and voting for internal awards

Key Benefits

  • Transform your organisations culture of recognition by giving your employees the autonomy to recognise each other in line with your values and behaviours.
  • Display customised trophies on an employee’s profile and recognise an employee’s work anniversary or birthday, acknowledge course completion, or reward employees who achieve a pre-determined number of points.
  • Engage employees, connect teams and show appreciation to employees.


Recommendations & Points

Recommendations & Points

Recommend peers

Include badges from a library

Like recommendations

Ability to earn and collect points


Create a library of trophies

Award trophies based on years of service

Receive a trophy on your birthday

Automated assignment
Scheduled Awards

Scheduled Awards

Schedule awards

Peer nominations and voting

Customisable workflow

Automated awarding
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Good alone, better together

Rewards and Recognition is part of the Retain suite and works great with others including the following:
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