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Best practice compliance and soft skills content
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ELMO Course Library offers over 60 eLearning courses covering a range of topics including compliance, soft skills, and productivity training. With regular updates to online training course content, ELMO Course Library helps ensure that the skills of your employees remain sharp – now and into the future.

For an even richer learning experience, complement Course Library with ELMO’s Video Library.


An ever-expanding library

ELMO’s Course Library offers over 30 courses* with a wide range of content across a wide range of topics


Customised to your organisation

Copy and tailor content to your needs with easy authoring tools built with what you see is what you get editing


Deep Integration with ELMO Learning

Quickly and easily publish courses with detailed response tracking for detailed reporting

Key Benefits

  • Our Course Library offers over 30 courses covering a range of topics to assist your employees in their learning and development. With a growing library, new and updated courses are released regularly so there is always new content to discover. The course content is also kept up to date with legislative changes to ensure continued compliance.
  • Courses are built by ELMO’s team of instructional designers with industry best practice approaches to eLearning.
*The number of courses available to your organisation will depend on the region(s) in which you operate.


Best Practice eLearning Content

Best Practice eLearning Content

Best practice instructional design using adult learning principles

Engaging interactive activities

Easy to digest format and length

Regular compliance updates to ensure course validity
Course features

Course features

Client branding

Touch screen functionality

Accessible on different devices

Easily modified with the ELMO Course Editor
Assessment features

Assessment features

Automatic marking

Multiple question types

Easily modified with the ELMO Course Editor

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Good alone, better together

Course Library is part of the Develop suite and works great with others including the following:
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