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Succession Management

Succession Management Software for planning and managing talent pipelines
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Succession Management and planning helps to retain employees by identifying flight risks, determining skills gaps of high-potential employees, and accelerating the development of skills. Boost your companies bench strength so that future roles can always be filled. Succession Management software fully integrates with the entire ELMO cloud HR suite.


Identify High Performers

Find and develop top performers to create future leaders and fill key roles, to ensure business continuity


Manage Succession Plans

Increase your bench strength for critical positions across your organisation


Empower Employees

Provide tools to employees so they can investigate their desired career path

Key Benefits

  • Build a talent pipeline to reduce business risk associated with the loss of key staff. Identify high performers by assessing potential, performance, flight risk and readiness for new roles. Provide managers with a bird’s eye view of succession options and help them evaluate the risk of leaving roles vacant.
  • Empower employees to identify career interests and preferences, use tools to compare their current position to their desired position and provide personalised development plans – meaning they can drive their career in the direction they want.


Understand Workforce Potential

Understand Workforce Potential

Determine role criticality

Identify high performers

Mitigate flight risk

Understand employee aspirations
Employee Career Progression

Employee Career Progression

View succession pathways

Identify skills gaps

Create development plans

Allocate training courses
 Reports and Analytics

Reports and Analytics

Bird’s eye view of succession options

Evaluate risk of role vacancy

Monitor status of individual development plans

Configurable dashboards and reports
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Good alone, better together

Succession Management is part of the Retain suite and works great with others including the following:
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